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I am xxx, an USA citizen and a sophomore in Business Major, xxx University. I have been enrolled as a full time student in xxx University and paid out-of-state tuition since Fall, 2008. Because my parents is the citizen of Taiwan, they are not U.S. citizens, can not stay in the United States. As an US citizen, I choose NY State to stay for pursing my higher education and my future career. I have been in xx, NY for almost two years. I want to continue my educations for the coming junior and senior years. From now on, I have financial difficulties to pay out-of-state tuition. I work as a calling specialist for university fund raising and work as a tutor at undergraduate tutorial center. I maintain the good academic standing (perfect 4.0 GPA) in the last three semesters and also receive Dean's List. I did file my tax return for the years of 2008 and 2009. Based on above reasons, I want to claim NY as my residence for tuition purposes. Please do inspection for my application. Your response will be appreciated.

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  • 張輝
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    1 0 年前

    1 第五行第四個字錯拼

    2 通常只要提出在紐約住一年證明

    如租約水電瓦斯費 車稅 即可

    3 直接到註冊組辦公室( Register Office )

    4 信不重要


    在信尾寫上全名,SSN and/or Student ID#

    May you succeed~張臨輝

    2010-04-14 16:19:51 補充:

    應該是第五行第1個字( pursuing )


    2010-04-14 16:20:29 補充:

    應該是第五行第1個字( pursuing )


    參考資料: 留美面面談~美國夢, 留美, 留美
  • s
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    1 0 年前


    任何書信, 要先破題, 首先應該

    Enclosed please find my application form for.... as well as sporting document.

    然後, list your reasons then explain why,


    至於, 爸爸媽媽國籍不重要, 不認為寫這個對你有幫助.

    最後, 以 I am self support and facing financial difficulty....結尾應該是, your consideration...不是response.

  • RenRen
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    1 0 年前

    did you pay all of your utility cost? show them your bill also then..

    I think you'll able to exchange your resident status... no problem at all!

    don't worry too much!

    but you need show them some documents