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1.In a united nations summit on global warming in Kyoto,Japan representatives from over 150 nations adopted a traty to limit emissions of Co2,ch4,n2o,hfcs,and sf6.the so-called Kyoto protocol called for reducing emissions to at least 5 percent below 1990 levels of these gases by 2012.the protocol was signed by 38 industrialized countries attending the summit.

Developing nations attending the summit were not required to adhere to theGuidelins of the protocol. The 15 eu nations at the summit agreed to further reduce emissions to 8 percent,the us to 7 percent,and japan to 6 percent below the 1990 levels. early America,people who were found guilty of murder and rape were routinely

executed,either by hanging or by a firing squad.convicted burglars,thieves,and even counterfeiters often received the death penalty.this was thought to be deterrent to other criminals.

3.Illinois,Kentucky,and Oregon have laws against bounty

hunting,while California only allows it up to 180 days after the skip flees.interestingly enough,in the states that allow bounty hunting,people are allowed to break the law in order to catch a fugitive

4.One hundred years ago,lincile signed a law that gave freedom to all slaves in the united states.but one hundred years later,we must face the tragic fact that the negro is still not hundred years later,when the creators of our vast republic wrote the magnificent words of the constitution and the declaration of independence,they were making a promise to all of their children.this promise was that all men would be guaranteed the rights of life,liberty,and the pursuit of is clear today that America has not kept her promise as far as her citizens of color are concerned.Nineteen sixty-three is not an end,but a beginning.

5.In the 2002 decision,thecourt said that the nation had come to a consensus against executing the mentally challenged.

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    一百年前,林肯總統簽署了解放所有美國境內奴隸的法案;但在一百年後,我們必須面對這個可悲的事實,黑奴們仍然不自由。一百年前,這個偉大共和國的創建者寫下『美國憲法』和『獨立宣言』的壯麗字句之時,他們是在對後代子孫許下承諾。這份承諾保證每個人追求生存、自由、以及幸福的權力。很明顯,美國在對待她公民的膚色上並沒有實現這個承諾。1963年不是結束,而是一個開始。(應指金恩博士Dr. Martin Luther King發起的「民權運動」Civil Right Movement)



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