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The good morning, my English name is Snu, Graduates from NPUST The early childhood education, likes the close crowd having the service sincerity, and studies attentively regarding the new thing. In childhood grew up in Yunlin, afterward studied in Taipei, because liked here, therefore the choice studied in Pingtung, hoped that could live in here.

After the graduation, in Pingtung Christianity Hospital work, because approximately hires the time, therefore dismisses from office, period learns many about the desk work related knowledge. Some continues the plan which studies, but is also seeking studies the goal


早安,我的英文名字是Snu,從國立屏東科技大學幼兒保育系畢業,喜歡接近人群並服務,並且關於新的事認真學習。童年在雲林長大,之後在臺北讀書,因為喜歡鄉村生活,因此選擇在屏東念書。在畢業以後,在屏東基督教醫院工作,因為用約聘時間,因此解職,工作學會許多關於文書工作相關的知識。 有一些繼續升學的計劃,但是同時也尋找學習的目標。






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    Good morning, my English name is Snu, from the National Pingtung University of Science of Early Childhood Education graduate, like close to the people and services, and learning about new things seriously. Childhood growing up in Yunlin, after studying in Taipei, because I like rural life, choosing to study in Pingtung. After graduation, work in the Pingtung Christian Hospital, as with the contracted time, it dismissed, learn a lot about the work of clerical work related knowledge. Some further studies of the program, but also look for learning.


    看著女的說 Good morning Ma'am,

    轉頭看著男的說Good morning Sir,

    My name is Snu. I am graduated from the National Pingtung University, major in Science of Early Childhood Education.

    I am sociable and like to help people, and love to face with challenges.

    I was grow up in Yunlin, and had educated in Taipei, but my inherent quality of nature loving had me to choose of finishing my degree in the National Pingtung University.

    After my graduation, I have worked in the Pingtung Christian Hospital as a contract worker. I have gained clerical work experiences from it.

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    I am sociable and like to help people, and love to face with challenges.


    I am a sociable person and like to help others, and love to face with challenges.


    I like to help people and social with them, and to face with challenges is a way of learning to me.

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    參考資料: , 學長
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    The good morning??? 有這種說法嗎 @@

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    Good morning, Sir

    My name is Snu. I graduated from NPUST and majored in the early childhood education. I enjoy getting along with people, serving them in sincerity, and learning new things. I grew up in Yunlin, and studied in Taipei. However, I preferred to the country life, I choose to study in Pingtung. After graduation, I worked in Pingtung Christianity Hospital, due to the deadline of the contract, I resigned the job. In the course of working, I learn much more adminstrative knowledge. I try to seek the new goal for study advanced.


    1.May I ask you name is Snu?? How do you pronoun it?

    2.May i ask how old are you?

    3.Do you want to keep the pets? There is a fun game from facebook!

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