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有人知道Embrace的make it last嗎

請問有人知道Embrace的make it last嗎?

可以給我You tube網址和歌詞嗎?

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    Why did you run I'll always let you leave

    You aren't the first to hit and run away from me

    As I bounce along the open road

    I'm outnumbered and alone

    I'm over the moon in ways you won't believe

    You say it's too soon for you to know what all this means

    If I say that I want all you have

    I just want it all back

    And though we could have made it last

    You've gotta do more than that

    You've got to take all you have and pour and pour

    You're never gonna see the light

    You've got to leave now behind

    You're never going to know what's right fro what went wrong

    So ignore all the facts

    And come running straight back to me to me

    It's not a wall you've only me to beat

    So you took it all and made it far away from me

    Now you're out of slight behind these eyes

    And you will stay there all my life

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