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Dear Anne

I am fine,thank you. And you?

Sorry it took so long to write back because I was busy with the schoolwork and nock exams . favorite animal is rabbit,it is so cute !

and my favorite color is white,and you?

Yes,I like to play sport. like badminton,tennis and basketball .

About french music I know Les Champs-Élysées,Tout,Le Papillon and Je T'aime .

What is your favorite Taiwanese song or singer?

Can you recommend me some french songs?

bye the way,I taste Terry's Chocolate Orange once,

it is very delicious ,but it cannot be bought in Taiwan,

it can be bought in frence ?

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    Dear Anne,

    I am fine, thank you. And you? Sorry it took me so long to write back to you, I was really busy with my school work and mock exams.

    Hmm..I would have to say that my favourite animal is a rabbit. They are just so cute!! As for my favourite colour, it is white. How about you? Yes, I like to play sports, such as badminton, tennis, and basketball.

    The only French songs I know are Les Champs-Élysées,Tout,Le Papillon, and Je T'aime. Can you suggest any other songs for me?

    So, what is your favourite Taiwanese song? Who is your favourite Taiwanese singer?

    By the way, I have tried Terry's Chocolate Orange once before and I think it is very delicious, however, it cannot be bought in Taiwan. Is it sold in France?

    Yours truly,

    XXX [你ㄉ名字]

    參考資料: 我是個從小就在加拿大長大的台灣人!~=)
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    Dear Anne,

    I have been doing good. How about yourself?

    Sorry it took me a long time to reply your letter/email because I was so busy for my school assignments and exam.

    My favorite animal is rabbits becasue they are so cut!

    And my favorite color is white. How about you?

    Yes, I like sports, such as badminton, tennis and basketball.

    (the remaining are just fine......but I will suggest you that when you are trying to say something, just say it in a complete way 把一件事說完整在接下一個topic. 這樣外國人會比較進入狀況. 如果只是問與答就會比較單調)