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    In modern times, computers have become indispensable to each individual item, particularly the Internet, many people began to use the Internet to purchase goods, online shopping, has become a part of life most people, today, I have to pay you to Order books on the Internet.

    amazon, is a shopping site, Amazon's Chinese name is called, it is like a shopping mall, inside of which contains the order book

    First, open the Yahoo home page, find the column in the collection marked AMAZON, then the first row will have a AMAZON.COM, point into, there will AMAZON's Home, First you have to log members, without members can click here to apply for membership into the

    Then we left a BOOKS, click go, then find the column in the collection of books marked with the name you want,

    For example, TWILIGHT, click GO, it will ran out of many of the books you want the information to find the books you want to click in, there will be above the price, if payment option after login member.

    This site is not only in books, there are other things like DVD .. and so on, but remember to favorable price when ordering, otherwise might have become taken for a ride up





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    In the modern age, the computer already became each person's indispensable goods, particularly the Internet, many people start to use the network purchase goods, the net buy, already became a part which most people live, today, how do I want to hand over everybody to order the books in the network. amazon, is a shopping website, Chinese name is called Amazon, it likely is one sells the field greatly, inside has contained the books order first, opens the wonderful Moroccan home page, in receives seeks the row to get AMAZON, then the first row will have AMAZON.COM, the spot goes, will present AMAZON the home page, must first register the member first, if will not have the member to be possible to select chooses here to go in applies for the member then, then nearby the left hand will have BOOKS, the spot elects, will then be receiving seeks the books name which the row will get you to want, for example TWILIGHT, the spot will choose GO, will run are many you to wantThe books material, found the book spot which you wanted to elect, above will have the price, if after has recorded the member, might choose the payment method. In this website not only then books, but also has other things to look like DVD. And so on, but orders the time mark to favor the price first, will otherwise possibly turn the fool

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