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作業需要 需要英文能力不錯的人幫我翻譯 文法要正確 謝謝了!!!!


電影和電視裡常常會有一些僑段使人們學習模仿 但是那些充滿戲劇化的劇情往往不存在於正常的生活中 人們看久了之後便會有許多誇張的心態或動作 舉例來說 新聞常常報導一些小偷學了電影裡的方法去進行偷竊 即使那些手法都很天方夜譚 又或者一些人看了血腥電影後萌生了殺人的念頭 但那些手法雖然看起來在電影裡似乎很簡單,其實大部分都運用了特效和剪接 所以那些模仿電影的犯人常常很容易就被抓到了 因為做起來太困難了 為了以防這些手段被模仿 新聞局在播放之前會先審核過 把太過於腥羶色的畫面剪掉 或是在電視節目上分級 以防那些心智還不太成熟的小朋友被影響到 有些級數需要大人陪同觀賞 在一旁陪伴小孩可以很迅速的導正他們的

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    Movies and television often have some overseas section of people to emulate, but full of dramatic plots that often do not exist in normal life after a long time people will see there are many exaggerated attitude or action, for example news reports are often a number of thieves have learned ways to carry out the movie even if those practices are fantasy steal or some people saw the film after the initiation of the bloody murder of the idea, but those practices may seem in the movie seems so simple, but most use the special effects and film editing so that prisoners are often imitated easily be caught because doing it too difficult to be imitated in order to prevent these measures before the GIO will first review the play-off too, or cut off topic to popular images in a television program on the classification prevent those who are not quite mature mentally affected children were accompanied by an adult watching some series need to accompany children to the side can be quickly correcting their

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