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Colonial Period

The first settlements were built along the Atlantic coast and on the rivers that flowed to the ocean. In the Northeast, settlers found hills covered with trees and soil filled with stones left behind when the Ice Age glaciers melted. Water power was easy to harness, so “New England” – including Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island – developed an economy based on wood products, fishing, shipbuilding, and trade. The middle colonies – including New York and Pennsylvania – had a milder climate and more varied terrain. Both industry and agriculture developed there, and society was more varied and cosmopolitan. In New York, for example, one could find Bohemians, Danes, Dutch, English, French, Germans, Irish, Italians, Norwegians, Poles, Portuguese, Scots, and Swedes. The Southern colonies – Virginia, Georgia, and the Carolinas – had a long growing season and fertile soil, and the economy was primarily agricultural. There were both small farmers and wealthy aristocratic landowners who owned large plantations worked by African slaves.

Relations between settlers and Native Americans, who were called Indians, were an uneasy mix of cooperation and conflict. Certain areas saw trade and some social interaction, but in general, as the new settlements expanded, the Indians were forced to move, often after being defeated in battle.

Settlement of the colonies was directly sponsored not by the British government, but by private groups. All except Georgia emerged as companies of shareholders or as proprietorships chartered by the king. Some were governed rigidly by company leaders, but in time, all developed a system of participatory government based on British legal precedent and tradition.


Years of political turmoil in Britain culminated with the Glorious Revolution of 1688-89 that deposed King James ll and let to limits on the monarchy and greater freedoms for the people. The American colonies benefited from these changes.

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Colonial assemblies claimed the right to act as local parliaments. They passed measures that limited the power of royal governors and expanded their own power.

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   Over the decades that followed, recurring disputes between the governors and assemblies awakened colonists to the increasing divergence between American and British interests. The principles and precedents that emerged from these disputes became the unwritten constitution of the colonies.

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  At first, the focus was on self-government within a British commonwealth. Only later came the call for independence.

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    第一個定居點建沿大西洋海岸和河流的流向大海。在東北,定居發現山上覆蓋著樹木和土壤充滿結石時留下的冰河融化。水電很容易利用,所以“新英格蘭” - 包括馬薩諸塞州,康涅狄格和羅得島州 - 發達的經濟型木材產品,漁業,造船和貿易。中間的殖民地 - 包括紐約州和賓夕法尼亞州 - 有一個溫和的氣候和更多樣化的地形。工業和農業的發展在那裡,社會更加多樣化和國際化。在紐約,例如,人們可以找到波希米亞人,丹麥,荷蘭,英國,法國,德國,愛爾蘭,意大利,挪威,波蘭,葡萄牙,蘇格蘭,和瑞典人。南部殖民地 - 弗吉尼亞州,佐治亞和卡羅來納 - 有一個漫長的生長季節,土壤肥沃,經濟主要是農業。有兩個小的富裕農民和地主貴族誰擁有大型種植園工作的非洲奴隸。



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    第一個定居點建沿大西洋海岸和河流的流向大海。在東北,定居發現山上覆蓋著樹木和土壤充滿結石時留下的冰河融化。水電很容易利用,所以“新英格蘭” - 包括馬薩諸塞州,康涅狄格和羅得島 - 發達的經濟型木材產品,漁業,造船和貿易。中間的殖民地 - 包括紐約州和賓夕法尼亞州 - 有一個溫和的氣候和更多樣化的地形。工農業發達那裡,社會更加多樣化和國際化。在紐約,例如,人們可以找到波希米亞人,丹麥,荷蘭,英國,法國,德國,愛爾蘭,意大利,挪威,波蘭,葡萄牙,蘇格蘭,和瑞典人。南部殖民地 - 弗吉尼亞州,佐治亞和卡羅來納 - 有一個漫長的生長季節,土壤肥沃,經濟主要是農業。有兩個小的富裕農民和地主貴族誰擁有大型種植園工作的非洲奴隸。



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