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英文翻譯問題 需要超高手 詳細解答 感恩

(1) The mother felt great anxiety when told of her son's accident.


(2) 考試沒通過 我很痛苦

I am very painful because I didn't pass the exam.

I am in a lot of pain because I failed in the exam.

這兩句哪一句正確?? 如何判別??

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2 個解答

  • 1 0 年前

    (1) The mother felt great anxiety when told of her son's accident.

    When 所引導的子句中主詞與主要子句同一時 , 往往省掉when中的主詞和be動詞

    所以 原句為

    The mother felt great anxiety when she was told of hter son's accident.

    但是在口語中不省 she 和 was


    painful 只能形容物

    第一句改成 Not passing the exam is painful to me.

    你可以說 a painful exam, a painful wound,


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  • 1 0 年前

    in pain 或是 in a lot of pain 可以用在心理上的苦惱嗎? 我很懷疑。

    2010-04-21 23:47:00 補充:

    painful這樣用是絕對不對的,painful 是 令人覺得痛苦的、令人不快的;惱人的、;引起痛苦的。 或是 (身體的一部分)感到疼痛的。

    2010-04-22 01:18:30 補充:

    Hi 收到您的來信了。


    .1 疼痛的;引起痛苦的

    My back is so painful that I cannot stand upright anymore.

    2010-04-22 01:18:41 補充:


    It was painful to admit that I was wrong.


    2010-04-22 01:19:13 補充:

    painful memories/experience etc

    He sobbed as he recalled the painful memory.

    Venice was a painful reminder ofher marriage.

    2010-04-22 01:19:50 補充:

    Is your arm very painful?

    The neck becomes swollen andpainful to the touch (=hurts when you touch it).

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