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旅遊介紹日月潭 中翻英 20點








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    1.Frog head step way in Sun Moon Lake the most popular is "nine frogs make a human pyramid" to carve a work, the frog shape is vivid and funny.

    2.The Sun Moon Lake pulled a Lu island to once is the old settlement of Thao.On the island plant to represent Thao the Dong tree of Gao Zu Ling-Jia most

    3.Both sides in the cat orchid mountain step way entrance in Sun Moon Lake planted olive in Ceylon

    4.Peacock park in the Sun Moon Lake feeds many Jane's birds, as the gold chicken, silver chicken, blue magpies, and special white peacock in India

    5.The scene bright and beautiful Sun Moon Lake, from morning to night, summer autumn of spring the winter Be each to have it the special feature, getting to Sun Moon Lake doesn't can only travel by ship to visit lake, along with highway in the ring lake can also arrive many beauty spots



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    1. the Sun Moon Lake water frog head trail is the most popular is "frog Diez Lohan" sculpture, of frogs vivid.

    2. the Lake in selaru was Shao family of the old settlement. The Islands were planted on behalf of the Emperor Shao family most---Ku

    3. the Lake in the cat in the private collections of trail entrances on both sides of the olive tree planting the Ceylon

    4. the Lake in a Peacock Park feeding many rare birds, such as chicken, Golden, silver, blue magpies and Indian unique White Peacock

    5. sunny Sun Moon Lake, from morning to night, summer or various characteristics, to Sun Moon Lake not only by boat on the Lake, along the Lake can also be reached many attractions


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    1. Sun Moon Lake trail head water frog is the most popular "Nine Frog pyramid" sculptures, vivid and funny frog shape.

    2. Thao Sun Moon Lake Lalu Island was once the old village. Thao planting island on behalf of the highest tree ancestors --- Jiadong

    3. Sun Moon Lake Trail entrance on both sides of the cat Lanshan olive trees planted in Ceylon

    4. Sun Moon Lake Peacock kept many rare birds, such as Rooster, silver chicken, blue magpie, and the India-specific white peacock

    5. Scenic Sun Moon Lake, from morning to night, spring, summer, autumn and winter have their own characteristics, not only can take a boat tour to the Sun Moon Lake, along the road around the lake can reach many attractions

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