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發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前



幫我翻譯好嗎 拜託 謝謝:(




可是我看得懂英文 卻寫不出來





天阿~~我好幸運> <謝謝你:D


我好喜歡你們的歌呢 你們的1981也超好聽


對了 最近你還好嗎?牙齒沒事嗎?為捨麼你會掉牙齒?牙齒掉了就不會再長了,祝你平安摟


在義大利是不是很多人不知道台灣這個國家 10年後我希望能到義大利玩一玩

聽說風景很美 古蹟也很漂亮

****沒事吧??他還是個鼓手嗎?雖然我很愛*** 但我也很喜歡Vanilla sky



拜託 這樣子 謝謝:)

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    Yes, I will try to get everyone to help me translate. Despite being able to read and understand English, I am not capable of writing it. Compared to English, however, I want to learn Italian even more. I will get a chance to learn your language in 5 years. I heard it is quite hard.

    Oh my God!~~ I am so lucky!! > < Thank you so much!!! =D But why don't you usually add fans as friends? I love you guys' songs, especially 1981. Being able to write to you makes me extremely happy. Oh yeah, how have you been? How's your teeth? What happened? You know that teeth don't grow back, right? Hope you are fine. Have you ever been to Taiwan? I wish your band can come perform in Taiwan. I support you guys all the way! ^^ Are people in Italy aware of Taiwan's existence as a country? I wish I can goto Italy 10 years from now. I heard the sceneries and buildings are beautiful.

    ****Are you alright? Is he still a drummer? Although I really love***, I really like Vanilla sky as well.

    I wish you have a wonder day as well! =)

    參考資料: 我是個從小就在加拿大長大的台灣人!~=)
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  • 1 0 年前


    I will ask everyone to help me translate

    However, I can read English but not write to

    But compare Italian with English

    I want to learn Italian

    5 years later only then has the chance to study your language

    I heard it is difficult to!

    My God~ ~ I'm so lucky> <Thank you: D

    But as you usually do not care Why do add fans friends??

    I love your songs

    Your 1981 is super nice,too

    Can write a letter with you make my inexplicable happily!

    BTW, how are you? Teeth all right? Why would you swap teeth? Lost teeth will not grow any, and I wish you peace

    Have you been to Taiwan? I hope your band can come to Taiwan to performing,support you ^ ^

    In Italy,do not many people know the country of Taiwan,do they?

    Ten years later I hoped that can go to Italy to play

    I heard Italy has many beautiful landscapes and monuments

    **** All right?? He was a drummer right? Although I love *** but I also like Vanilla sky

    I also wish you a happy day!




    參考資料: 線上字典+自己做一些語法的修正
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