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    歌曲名稱:We Belong Together

    演唱者:Mariah Carey


    I didn't mean it 我其實不是這樣想的

    When I said I didn't love you so 當我說我沒有那麼愛你的時候

    I should have held on tight 我應該珍惜

    I never should've let you go 不應該放你走

    I didn't know nothing 我什麼都不懂

    I was stupid 我太笨

    I was foolish 我太蠢

    I was lying to myself 我口不對心

    I could not fathom that I would ever 從來沒有料想到有一天

    Be without your love 會沒有你的愛

    Never imagined I'd be 從來沒有想過會

    Sitting here beside myself 只有自己一個

    'Cause I didn't know you 因為我沒有好好了解你

    'Cause I didn't know me 沒有好好了解自己

    But I thought I knew everything 以為自己什麼都知道

    I never felt 我從來沒有感受過

    The feeling that I'm feeling now 像現在這種感覺

    Now that I don't 現在我已沒辦法

    Hear your voice 聽見你的聲音

    Or have your touch and kiss your lips 或感受你的觸摸你的吻

    Cause I don't have a choice 我已別無選擇

    Oh, what I wouldn't give 如果可以﹐我什麼都願意犧牲

    To have you lying by my side 只要你回到我身邊

    Right here, 'cause baby 因為

    When you left 當你離開

    I lost a part of me 我變得不完整

    It's still so hard to believe 到這一刻還是沒辦法相信

    Come back baby please 親愛的﹐你回來吧

    We belong together 我要我們在一起

    Who else am I gonna lean on 我還有誰可以依靠

    When times get rough 當我遇到困難時

    Who's gonna talk to me on the phone 誰會陪我講電話

    Till the sun comes up 到日出

    Who's gonna take your place 誰可以替代你

    There ain't nobody there 沒有任何人可以

    We belong together 我要我們在一起

    I can't sleep at night 我無法入睡

    When you are on my mind 一直想著你

    Bobby Womack's on the radio 收音機傳出Bobby Womack的聲音

    Singing to me 唱著

    'If you think you're lonely now' ‘如果你現在覺得寂寞’

    Wait a minute 不行

    This is too deep, too deep 這對我來說太沉重了

    I gotta change the station 我要轉頻道

    So I turn the dial 鈕了別的頻道

    Trying to catch a break 我不要再聽到任何會讓我想到你的東西

    And then I hear Babyface 然後我聽到Babyface

    I only think of you 我還是一直想到你

    And it's breaking my heart 這實在讓我心碎

    I'm trying to keep it together 努力的想整理自己的思緒

    But I'm falling apart 卻只變的更混亂

    I'm feeling all out of my element 覺得自己被掏空了

    I'm throwing things 我亂丟東西

    Crying 大哭

    Trying to figure out 想要知道

    Where the hell I went wrong 自己到底那裡出了錯

    The pain reflected in this song 我在這首歌所能反映的痛苦

    Ain't even half of what 連我在現實中所承受著的一半都不到

    I'm feeling inside 我打從心底

    I need you 需要你

    Need you back in my life baby 需要你回到我身邊


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    參考資料: myself
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  • 1 0 年前

    1. Mariah Carey - We belong together

    2. Tamia - Too Grown for that

    參考資料: me + research
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