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1.Would you normally ask a friend how much money he or she makes ?

2.Would feel comfortable borrowing money from your relatives?

in what situation ? How much ?

3.If you borrowed a dollar from a classmate,how soon would you return the

money ?

4.ask men: how would you feel if your wife earned more money than you?

5.when you want to buy an expensive item like a car,do you pay the listed price

or do you bargain for a lower price ?

6.when you buy something expensive,do you pay for the whole thing at one time or do you prefer to make payments(pay a little each month) ? you think children should receive money(an allowance) from their parents to

spend as the like ? at what age should they begin receiving it ?

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    1. Not really, because it is kind of rude to do so. Besides, it is their personal business.

    2. Well, depends on the situation. If I am really close to my relatives, I probably will in many situations. On the other hand, if we rarely talk or see one another, it is very unlikely that I will, unless it is an urgent matter and I am have no other ways to get money.

    3. I will try to return the money as soon as I can to that classmate, since I may forget as time goes on. Also, I will feel really embarrassed if he came and asked me to return his money.

    4. I will feel embarrassed and ashamed of myself. I might even think that may be I am not as competent as her.

    5. If it is an expensive item like a car, there is no possible way one can bargain for a lower price. I mean, it is not like buying something small from a street vendor.

    6. Well, it really depends on if I am allowed to make small payments or not. If there were no interests for paying a little each month, I will choose to do so for sure.

    7. I do not think children should receive money from their parents to spend as they like at such a young age. They should probably start receiving an allowance when they enter high school.

    參考資料: 我是個從小就在加拿大長大的台灣人!~=)
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  • Lily
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    1 0 年前

    1. No, it's very rude to ask that kind of question. it's personal.

    2. Most relatives won't lend you any money, unless they likes you, how much the amount ? it depend the reason for it?

    3.Whatever the amount you owned to your friend or anybody, you should pay it back asap.

    4.Sorry, I am not a man but someman won't mind if their wife make more then them.

    5.You should always requested a bit discount when purchasing a car, never pay asking price.

    6. If you can pay it off without any interest then paid in full or pay monthly payment.

    7.Yes, they shall received some reward money when they were good at school or helpful in the house, the age really depend their parents.

    參考資料: myself
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