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Avoiding Fraud































PS:我不要電腦 (中翻英) 翻譯軟體那一種......謝謝

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    1.Pays attention to its commodity narration content, the commodity price and the market price disparity, the commodity locus, the picture, the sign with ties the sign time, seller other commodities and so on.


    *quotes the original factory or other sells the field the picture, expressed that possibly does not have the entity commodity with to tie the sign time setting difference for the photograph

    *sign in three days, possibly has the anxiety

    * area far away perhaps resists 絕 to deliver in person

    * the commodity price to be lower than the quotation price to be many

    2.Pays attention opposite party financial status, refers to other net friend's evaluation. Even if after already the subscript or ties the sign, must pay attention opposite party to appraise, usually the nobbler will receive many suddenly in the short time negative comments.


    * seller is the new application low appraisal account number, actually massively sells the high price

    * to sell clothing's person to change suddenly originally sells the human who the 3C product or only buys originally does not sell, turns the specialized seller

    * previous transaction suddenly the time after very long before

    * ties the sign the high praise gives the time is too quick, has the possibility is the false appraisal

    *if for the appraisal buyer mostly is the low valuer, perhaps in the short time appraises increases fast, is extremely possibly seller own multiple account number

    3.Before the subscript, must inquire as far as possible, as soon as comes to be possible to confirm the commodity condition, may also test seller's manner, if the seller always did not reply, or talks ambiguously, to evade the important questions for the easy, possibly has the question!

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    *seller requests you to ask that with answers provides you the contact material

    *seller to ask with answers leaves behind the telephone or MSN, the request direct communication

    *seller did not reply buyer when question

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    remittance way, before the remittance, checks the remittance account number by all means must whether to possess for the seller. If receives declared that the account transfer wrong unclear telephone or the letter,

    2010-04-27 22:00:22 補充:

    possibly are pretend the seller to plunder the sign guest.

    The danger signal

    *notice buyer has not received the funds, asked the buyer to transfer accounts a time

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    *notice buyer to collect the money again to refund money, or was not careful establishes the ingredient time payment, wanted the buyer to cancel, gives a pretext to instruct that buyer ATM the operation method

    *informed unceasingly has the credit to request very much remitted money after immediately

    2010-04-27 22:00:35 補充:

    *approximately delivered in person first, is missing or reneges on a promise, transfers informs must use the remittance way

    * to inform the ahead of time remittance to have the discount


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