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請幫忙修改作文 (part 2)

The architectural style of our completely-new department has been planned

to be a “three-story building.” Our department will therefore stand independently

from any others. Inside the building, the first floor will cover the department

office, restrooms, and all general classrooms. Five computer classrooms and

five Children’s English Teaching Classrooms will sit on the second, while an

enormous library on the third.

The plan also includes ten advanced-technology interpretation rooms which

will sit on the second floor. These rooms will be designed according to the

environment of a real interpretation practice. I strongly believe that advanced

technologies improve work, let lone teaching. With more than enough

interpretation rooms; moreover, it is predictable that students do not have to

wait in line for practice --- if there are forty students, they can share one in a

four-member group.

Likewise, I have proposed building one impressive library encompassing

numerous types of English-learning resources, such literary classics,

newspapers, magazines, dictionaries and periodicals. This strategy can help

students save their budget to shop at a bookstore because I believe they can

find whatever type of English-related resources they want in that grand library.

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    The architectural...<--ㄅ要說completely-new..要說brand new! XP 還有, "three-story building"<--ㄅ需要""!

    Our department...<--可以說成"Our department will, therefore, stand independently from other departments."

    Inside the...<--可以說成"The building will consist of department office, restrooms, and all general classrooms on the first floor, five computer classrooms and five children's English teaching classrooms on the second, and an enormous library on the third."

    The plan...<--ten可以打成10! =P

    I strongly...<--可以說成"I strongly believe that advanced technology will improve one's learning and teaching abilities."

    With more...<--可以說成"Moreover, with more than enough interpretation rooms, students do not have to wait inline to practice. For example, if there are 40 students, a room can be available to every four-persons group."

    參考資料: 我是個從小就在加拿大長大的台灣人!~=)
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