to take minutes的意思

我看到一篇文章, 對 to take minutes 的解釋為:

to create a short report about what happens and what is talked about during a meeting.

例句: Did anyone take minutes for the last meeting? I wasn't there, but I'd like to read about what was discussed.

我還是不太懂 to take minutes的意思

請問是"做記錄" 的意思嗎?


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    to take minutes = 會議紀錄

    一般商業會議上所須要的minutes of meeting


    ‧ Title and nature of the meeting

    ‧ Time, date and place of meeting.

    ‧ List of people attending

    ‧ List of absent members of the group

    ‧ Approval of the previous meeting's minutes

    ‧ Any matters arising from those minutes

    ‧ For each item in the agenda, a record of the principal points discussed and decisions taken; actions and the persons vested with the responsibilities.

    ‧ Time, date and place of next meeting.

    ‧ Name of person taking the minutes

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    224.To take minutes means to make notes at a meeting so that afterwards you can write a record of what has happened.