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Once a country proud of its own blurry social class divisions, Japan now suffers from an obvious distinction between haves and have-nots. CNN's Kyung Lah may have found a perfect illustration of this phenomenon: the ¥10,000 (over US$100) bowl of ramen vs. the massive success of the ¥290 ramen at Korakuen.

Since there are dozens and dozens of Korakuen throughout the city (check here for the nearest one to you), we were more interested in giving you the details on how to go eat your own bowl of ludicrously priced ramen.

The name of the restaurant is Fujimaki Gekijo, located near Nakameguro Station (Kami-Meguro 3-36-28, Meguro-ku, tel. 03 3792 7743, 12-3pm lunch, 6-9pm dinner, closed Monday to Thursday). As Lah reports, all customers need to make a reservation at least three days before a bite, picking one out of six hour-long time bands in which you want to eat. This is likely the same logic as gun control laws with waiting periods: Are you really sure you want to pull the trigger on a ¥10,000 bowl of ramen? Take a few days to think it over.

So what is in the ¥10,000 "Emperor Ramen"? The browth is mixed from a soup made of Thai prawn, Japanese blue crab, Manila clams, common orient clams (hamaguri), Batissa clams (shijimi) and a deluxe Cantonese soup made from dried clams, dried shrimp, pork tendons, beef tendons, ham and mature chicken. This is then finally added to a purée of whipping cream and prawns. Basically it's a Thai tom yum soup, rather than a classic "Japanese" ramen.

By the way, it's the soup that costs ¥10,000. The noodles are free.

Fujimaki Gekijo once was notorious for its ¥3,000 bowl of ramen, but that does not look like it's currently on the menu. When it comes to luxury ramen now, there is no 'entry level.' You gotta go big or go home.

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    一旦一個國家感到自豪自己模糊的社會階級劃分,日本現在患有明顯的區別富國與窮國。 CNN的拉赫可能已經找到了一個完美的例證這一現象:10,000日元(100美元以上)一碗拉麵主場迎戰了巨大的成功的拉麵 290日元在後樂園。


    這個名字的餐廳藤Gekijo,中目黑車站附近(卡米目黑3-36-28目黑區,電話。03 3792 7743,12下午3點吃午飯,6點至9點吃晚飯,週一至週四)。正如啦報導,所有客戶需要進行預訂至少3天前咬,挑選一出六個小時的時間,樂隊在其中您想要吃。這可能是相同的邏輯,槍支管理法的輪候時間:難道你真的確定要摳動扳機上10,000日元一碗麵條?需要幾天時間來考慮這個問題。

    因此,什麼是在10,000日元“皇帝拉麵”?該 browth是一種混合後的湯由泰國蝦,蟹日本藍,馬尼拉蛤,文蛤共同東方(蛤),Batissa蛤(志深)和一個豪華粵蛤蜊湯製成的幹,幹蝦,豬肉筋,筋牛肉,雞肉火腿和成熟。這才是最終加入到醬的鮮奶油和蝦。基本上它是一個泰國冬蔭湯,而不是一個典型的“日本”拉麵。

    順便說一下,它的湯,費用 10,000日元。麵條是免費的。

    藤卷Gekijo曾經是臭名昭著的為 3000日元一碗的拉麵,但是,這並不像它目前在菜單上。當涉及到豪華拉麵現在,有沒有'入門級。你必須去大或回家。


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