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    Due to our misunderstanding of natural resources, nature is fighting back. People falsely assume that we have an unlimited supply of natural resources, thus, over-deforestation and over-cultivation have seriously damaged the natural ecology. For a long time, natural environment has always been accepting this silently and showing its dissatisfaction by the most powerful forces. So, instead of just a slogan, we actually have to practice environmental protection now. It is necessary for mankind to slowly compensate for the harm we have done to nature in the past. This way, we will be able to continue enjoying this lovely planet.

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    Nature had counter-attacked since we , the humans ,have extremely wrong ideas about the natural resources.We thought the resources are inexhaustible , so we tend to over use them which destroyed the eco-system. This time , the nature bears no more , she is using her greatest strenght to show her discontent of our behaviour.It is the perfect time to start practicing environmental protection , we will have to suffer the consequences and make it upfor the nature...

    For our own good and at the same time for the sake of our future generation.

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