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How will you celebrate Mother’

How will you celebrate Mother’s Day? 如何慶祝母親節(至少五句)越簡單明瞭越好~~~謝謝各位大大的分享

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    I am planning to take my mom to the japanese resturant for the lunch set that she likes, which includes a few pieces of tempuras, a cup of miso soup and 8 pieces of sashimi along with a japanese salad and rice. At dinner time, I will take her to a seafood resturant for Peking Duck, big head shrimps and giant crabs that she seeems like very much. At night, I will kiss my mom good night for the Mother's Day.

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    I will be going out with my mun for dinner, a special one, and I am going to

    prepare a lovely present for my mun and what else?

    Yes, things like that.

    How about you? what are you going to do for your mun?

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