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  • 阿草
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    1 0 年前

    歌手:Toni Braxton



    專輯名稱:Libra (2005)


    [1st verse]

    I know you watching

    All over here,

    Tryna find a way to

    Come into my situation,

    But you should know this.

    Its all good so be cool.

    I'm taking care of home, my kids are fine

    I got him locked, and he's all mine

    So you should know better than

    To think that you could ever put it down like I can.


    If he needs good loving (I got it)

    If I need to heat it up (I got fire),

    Make sure I'm the best (for him), for (sure and)

    He's running home to me for it.

    And he knows what ever he wants (that I'm with it)

    And he knows the perfect place (to come get it)

    And he knows that every woman's in me.

    Fall back and just let me be.

    I got to breathe (uh oh, uh oh, uh oh) please,

    Back up off of me

    I got to breathe and just be

    Breathe, please, in case you all didn't hear me yeah yeah

    I got to breathe so let me breathe, please

    [2nd verse]

    You're in violation, let me help you understand,

    Before we have a problem.

    I will take it there

    When it comes to my man

    Please don't make me solve one.

    Everyday is a holiday,

    Everyday's our anniversary.

    You should think about the time you waste

    Cause my last name ain't gonna change


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