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    I grew up in a rather unsophisticated environment which nourished me with a curious, unsocial, and emancipated nature.

    People who don't know me will find me a little odd, while simple-hearted for those who do. My dear family, however, always picture me as a wild pony rather than a lady.

    I hate everything that has the potential in smothering my freedom, but I do find it otherwise when working, studying, and giving speech in front of a bunch of people.

    I take interest in everything that fulfills my curiosity. For instance, to observe people and to pursue things that make me happy.

    My dream is to take a round-the-island trip on a bicycle.

    My attitude towards problem-solving is to make demands on oneself before making demands on others; my attitude towards life is not to haggle over every penny for everything.

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    I grew up in a simple environment, personality: often poor interpersonal relationships, curious, love of freedom, people who do not know me think I am weird, I know people think I am very simple, unlike the women, and like the wild horse is a family to me descriptions, annoying thing is a Cheowa kill me free things than work, to study there than in front of many people to speak, my interest is anything that can satisfy their curiosity about things such as: observation and make their own happy things, my dream is to ride around the island trip, for problem-solving approach is to first seek its own, then seek other people, attitude is everything for life not too seriously.

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