learn traditional Chinese

I am a man from THAILAND , I have some basic of Traditional Chinese

(not simplify Chinese) , I can read, write ,speak Traditional Chinese "fairly"

because my back ground is China.

Could any body advise me any website or program of learning Traditional

Chinese so that I can continue learning more for my Traditional Chinese.

Actually, If I have Chinese Font in my computer , then I can send my e-mail in

Traditonal Chinese . Unfortunately I have only English and Thai Font in my PC,

therefore, I have to send e-mail in English. Hope you can understand.

Looking forward to hearing any news very soon.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Warm Regards

Mr. Chai/ Bangkok /Thailand

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    The web page listed here will lead you to plenty of Chinese learning web sites. You would find that most of them are about learning traditional characters. The key words I use is 學習中文網站 or Web Sites of Chinese Character Learning.


    I guess you will need to change your computer from Tai to Chinese (traditional).

    Precisely, you need to instal Microsoft Windows XP, for example, in (traditional) Chinese version.

    That is possible in form of portable hard disk.

    You can switch between two hard disks depending on your specific needs.

    That is, either to use your Chinese based hard disk on learning Chinese or Tai based hard disk on all other purposes.

    How do you do your input in Chinese? I wonder.

    Write me for help in case of more problems.


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    You could go to the homepage of YAHOO.

    Read the News everyday and go this website if there is

    any vocabulary that you don't underdstand.


    參考資料: my brilliant brain
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