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麻煩~~~~幫我翻譯中文 很急

Our geographic location in Taiwan, currently the largest center for outsourced semiconductor manufacturing in the world and has a high concentration of electronics manufacturing service providers, have benefited us and will continue to benefit.

Our close proximity to foundries and other providers of complementary semiconductor manufacturing services is attractive to our customers who wish to take advantage of the efficiencies of a total semiconductor manufacturing solution by outsourcing several stages of their manufacturing requirements. Our close proximity to end users of our customers’ products is attractive to our customers who wish to take advantage of the logistical efficiencies of direct shipment services that we offer. We believe that, as a result, we are well positioned to meet the advanced semiconductor engineering requirements of our customers.

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    我們的地理位置在臺灣,當前外購的半導體製造業最大的中心在世界和有電子製造業服務供應商的高浓度,有益於我們和继续有益於。 我們的與鑄造廠和補全半導體製造業服务的其他服务商的几乎接近對希望通过外購他們的製造業要求幾個階段利用一種總半導體製造業解答效率的我們的顧客有吸引力。 我們的與我們的顧客的產品終端用戶的几乎接近對希望利用直接發貨服务後勤效率我們提供的我們的顧客有吸引力。 我們相信,結果,我們很好被安置符合我們的顧客的先進的半導體工程學要求。 以後有要翻譯可到yahoo首頁進入字典那有段落翻譯

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