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求The saltwater room 中文歌詞

The saltwater room!!!!

I opened my eyes last night and saw you in the low light

Walking down by the bay, on the shore, staring up at the planes that aren't there anymore

I was feeling the night grow old and you were looking so cold

Like an introvert, I drew my over shirt

Around my arms and began to shiver violently before

You happened to look and see the tunnels all around me

Running into the dark underground

All the subways around create a great sound

To my motion fatigue: farewell

With your ear to a seashell

You can hear the waves in underwater caves

As if you actually were inside a saltwater room

Time together is just never quite enough

When you and I are alone, I've never felt so at home

What will it take to make or break this hint of love?

We need time, only time

When we're apart whatever are you thinking of?

If this is what I call home, why does it feel so alone?

So tell me darling, do you wish we'd fall in love?

All the time, all the time

Can you believe that the crew has gone and wouldn't let me sign on?

All my islands have sunk in the deep, so I can hardly relax or even oversleep

I feel as if I were home some nights when we count all the ship lights

I guess I'll never know why sparrows love the snow

We'll turn off all of the lights and set this ballroom aglow

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    歌手:Owl City (Duet With Breanne Düren) 貓頭鷹城市 (與布安妮戴倫)

    專輯:Ocean Eyes (Deluxe Edition) 海洋眼眸 (限量加值盤)


    歌名:The Saltwater Room 鹽水房間


    昨夜我睜開眼 - 看見妳在昏暗的燈光下

    沿著海灣走下去 - 凝視不斷延伸的海平面

    我感覺到夜的老去 - 而妳如此冷淡

    就像一個內向的人 - 我提著我的外衣

    揮動我的雙臂 - 開始激烈地粉碎過去




    我累了 - 永別






    當妳我都孤獨一人時 - 我沒有家的感覺

    製造或破壞愛的暗示的 - 那是什麼?

    我們需要時間 - 只要時間

    妳相信嗎?人群已經離去 - 他們不會讓我在此作下標誌

    我整個島都已墜入深淵 - 所以我現在不敢放鬆 - 難以入睡

    我彷佛又回到家裡 - 回到那些我們一起數船上燈明的夜晚

    我猜 - 我永遠不會知道麻雀愛上雪的理由

    讓我們關上所有燈 - 把這舞廳佈置得一片通紅


    那麼 - 親愛的 告訴我 - 你是不是希望我們墜入愛河…

    直到永遠… - 直到永遠…


    當妳我都孤獨一人時 - 我沒有家的感覺

    製造或破壞愛的暗示的 - 那是什麼?

    我們需要時間 - 只要時間

    我們分隔兩地時 - 你在想什麼?

    如果這真是所謂的的家 為何我感覺如此孤獨?

    那麼 - 親愛的 告訴我 - 你是不是希望我們墜入愛河?

    直到永遠… - 直到永遠…

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