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以下幾個句子,還有勞各位英文高手幫忙翻譯下了, tks!

1.I think word of mouth most people were saying they had such a fantastic time doing it that we thought we couldn't not do it when we came here. We had to come and do it.

==>請問這整句話的意思是? 另外句子裡word of mouth 是指?

2.point out all the great features and landmarks and no it's been well worth it. ---and no it's been well worth it

==>請問這整句的意思是?其中的 ---no it's been well worth it ?為何是用it's been+...

3.The business is turning over about 50 million dollars currently and with a couple of hundred thousand people climbing a year and it's been a very successful business.

==>請問這整句的意思是? 其中的turn over 是指? 可用在哪些地方? a couple of hundred thousand 是?

4. This is all about sharing something that we have a great privilege to be able to show off to the world, this bridge and it's quite extraordinary on the Harbour. Operationally, it's about the standard of the climb leaders that we employ. the fact that our job is to make a hero of our customer. It's about tailoring a climb specifically for individual customers. it really needs to be tailored to deal with people's height concerns, their interest in history, in technology and language and culture. Hence our climb leaders give a very unscripted climb.

==>請問這整句的意思是? 另外this's all about....是指?可用在什麼地方

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    1.我認為多数人民是說他們的口頭表達有這樣意想不到的时刻做它我們認為我們不做它,當我們來這里。 我們必須來做它。

    2.指出所有偉大的特點和地標和沒有的很值它。 並且沒有的很值它

    3.事務移交大约50百萬美元當前和與攀登年和'的兩三十萬個人; 是的s非常成功的事務。 好相當它價值

    4.這是所有關於分享某事我們有一種巨大特權能炫耀到世界、這座橋梁和相當非凡在港口。 可使用地, 關於我們雇用攀登領導的標準的。 事實我們的工作是做英雄我們的顧客。關於具體剪裁攀登的各自的顧客的。 它真正地需要被剪裁涉及高度關心,他們的兴趣在歷史上,在技術和語言和文化。 因此我們的攀登領導給非常不用草稿攀登。