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    Dwarf, 2 feet height

    Prefers light shade, but will tolerate full sun.

    Woodland plantings, accent

    A dense growing white.

    Deep rose-pink with orange spotting.

    Red/rosy hue, hardy and compact, glossy leaves.

    Very hardy, compact growth habit dark purple flower

    Bright red flowers are held in tight dome-shaped

    trusses. Foliage is matte olive green.

    An excellent rhododendron with light lavender-pink blossoms

    that appear in large trusses. Plant are compact growing with deep, dark

    green foliage.

    Deep purple flowers with purplish-black markings.

    Flowers are similar to 'Purple Splendor', a little bigger.

    One of the most popular yak hybrids for commercial

    production. Low mounding habit. Silvery indumentum on new growth,

    with beige indumentum on the undersides of leaves. Buds are purplish-pink

    at first, opening white.

    Rare peach colored blossoms appear on this very free

    flowering and compact plant. Large, globular shaped trusses each contain

    about 15 flowers that first appear peach-yellow and fade gradually to a soft

    cream color. 1982 Award of Merit winner.

    Flowers open from cherry red buds into bright rose-pink

    flowers. Blooms appear in large trusses on a compact rounded plant.

    Outstanding foliage is silvery when young and matures as green leaves with a

    light indumentum.

    Apple-blossom pink flowers with green spotting appear in

    ball shaped trusses in late spring. The blooms smother the compact bushy

    plants typical of their yak parentage. The underside of the convex, deep

    green foliage is lightly covered with buff colored indumentum.