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    In my mind's dream occupation, is can 夠 hold the post of free biologist concurrently researchers. Since childhood, I like the animal, deeply loving the nature, therefore I have hoped I can have a position am can let me to the world inquire into the dissimilar animal, appreciates the nature while convenient US. I believed that the Earth is not the humanity is in sole possession, but all biology altogether has on this star, therefore we must cherish these animals well, altogether survives with them. I like the animal, is because they, although survives with us in the identical star, but they actually understood that follows the nature the rules, and will not go broken to meet it desirably, although we will be unable with the animal communication, but because of but because of understood that their habit, can let our further close nature. I deeply love the nature, is because in the different place, the appearance which the nature has also differs from, if we can observe it carefully, certainly can discover the nature to be mysterious, and can see it to hide US. Must be able to take on this position not to be simple, solely only then to animal and nature enthusiasm not 夠, basic and specialized knowledge, is likely to the animal characteristic understanding, the nature circulation ecology opinion and so on is also necessary, in this in the time which suffers the nature to counter-attack, our humanity should go to discover reason, and permanently cures it, only then has the means to continue to continue our life.