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請問compensation與 indemnity 有何差別

請問compensation與 indemnity 有何差別?

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  • River
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    1 0 年前


    1. The act of compensating or the state of

    being compensated. (一般) 補償、彌補、賠償

    Peter gave me $500 as compensation

    for the knife he lost.

    2. something, such as money, given or

    received as payment or reparation, as for a service or loss. (一般) 賠償金、補償金

    Did you get any compensation

    when you were dismissed from your job?

    Indemnity is a sum paid

    by A to B by way of compensation for a

    particular loss suffered by B.

    A付給B因特定之損害、傷害等的賠償、補償 [可數名詞]

    When a country has been defeated

    in war, it sometimes has to pay an indemnity to the winners.

    參考資料: English teacher
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  • 1 0 年前

    indemnity 比較傾向法律的條款 法律上規定的賠償金

    compensation 比較像…我打壞了東西,普通的賠錢 ,也有彌補的意思

    參考資料: 自己推想的
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