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Assessment, Evaluation 字義有何不同?

Assessment, Evaluation 字義有何不同?






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  • winwin
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    1 0 年前

    Evaluation is the process of analyzing, reflecting upon, and summarizing assessment information and making judgments or decisions based upon the information gathered. Testing to assign grades is one of the most common forms of evaluation. But assessment is a much broader and basic task.

    我一直理解的是有點差別. 那在於「過程」.


    而Evaulation也是經過一些「過程」而得出結果, 但相對地是「集中而有目的」或舉例說是利用一上數據來推出「結果」.

    一般而言, 如一單生意, 首先會大慨了解當中的要求 (assessment), 從而evaluate的正面和負面. 那就是說, assessment是比較初步的分析, 而evaluation是更進一步的分析. 以一個project式一生意的角度來看, 也不會一雨子下定論, 需通過一定的步驟而行才得出結果.. 也可以說evaluation是比較深層次的.

    以下的文章, 可能會令你更了解兩者分別.. :


    Assessment is an all embracing term. It covers any of the situations in which some aspects of a student’s education is in some sense measured, whether this measurement is by the teacher, an examiner or indeed the student him of herself. It is concerned with how well the student has done. Evaluation is whether it was worth doing in the first place. Evaluation cannot take place without assessment. (Source: Adapted from Lloyd-Jones, R. and Bray, E. (1986) Assessment: From Principles to Action, Macmillan, London.)

    2. Assessment is a process that helps teachers understand degrees of achievement and performance, and it often forms the core body of data upon which teachers report on the achievement and performance to students' parents and the wider community. As such, it must be reliable and valid. Evaluation serves quite a different purpose. Its purpose is to improve curriculum and pedagogy. The evaluation process is formative. Assessment and evaluation are integral parts of the educational process and all aspects of teaching and learning provide opportunities for both. (Source: Adapted from Hunt, G., Murdoch, K., and Walker, K. (1996) Assessment and evaluation: Profiling achievement in SOSE, in R. Gilbert (ed) Studying Society and Environment: A Handbook for Teachers, Macmillan, Melbourne.)

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    Evaluation評值 :針對結果來看效果如何、等於是總結






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  • 1 0 年前

    Assessment answers the question of what. If you take things at face value, what is going on?

    For example "assessing the situation" would mean you look at things like

    -where you are (if you can tell immediately)

    -what are your surroundings

    -what color are the walls

    -how big is the space

    Evaluation answers deeper questions (especially why and how) and addresses things that take analytic thinking. These are things you have to figure out. This typically takes place after you have already assessed things.

    "evaluating the situation" would mean you figure out things like;

    -where you are (from clues)

    -why are you there in the first place

    -how can you improve the situation

    -how can you use objects around you

    There are lots of overlaps between the two words, but "what" vs "how and why" can be a good way to think about it.

    People like to use the words interchangeably sometimes. "Employee assessment" and "Employee evaluation" are pretty much exactly the same thing.

    2010-05-11 13:49:20 補充:

    In England, you take an exam in school, we call this is assesment

    參考資料: I have lived in the UK since was a boy
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