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我愛黑澀棒棒堂 2010-04-10 pt.4/5 與藝人共



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    演唱: Puff Daddy feat. Kelly Price, Mase

    曲名: I'll Do This For You

    專輯: Forever (1999年發行)


    [Puffy (Mase) |Kelly|]

    Yeah, we up now, yeah (Uh c'mon)

    Yeah, we up now (Uh, uh c'mon)

    We up now |Baby, I like it|

    Yeah, yeah (Uh, uh c'mon)

    (Uh uh c'mon) |I like it babe|

    (Uh uh c'mon)

    (C'mon c'mon c'mon)

    They're back


    Yo, now nobody party like we party

    You wouldn't know 'till you cats see me party

    I hardly sip bacardi

    So your clique think a nigga to pretty to sip a mixed drink (uh uh)

    But chicks think when they see I be a V.I.P. D-I-double D-Y

    Be the cat that kick back, bring all the stars out

    Same cat you know bring all the cars out (yep yep)

    All our street cats buy all the bars out (yep yep)

    Don't know whatch'all 'bout but I'm livin' it up

    Ten mill' yeah, I'm bigger than what

    So you know on the low when I blow, niggas givin' it up (they got to)

    They know why everything I touch is so fly

    Mult-I so I stay swimmin' in cho-chi

    All day the niggas from New York to Norway

    My name hold more weight than Broadway

    [1] - [Kelly Price]

    You like the way I do the things I do

    It's all for you

    No way to fill my shoes

    Cuz all I do, I do for you

    The more cheddar, the more better

    Ever since I was young I was a go-getter

    And you should know better to call Puff the coketeller

    Knowin' I'm a Hummer wholesaler

    And you should know this

    I'm a poet, got money won't show it

    I'm like Russell plus I got the right hussle

    Talk slick, I might bust you

    Watch your manners, I be on the cameras

    I be the next cat down in Atlantis

    Or Pacific to be specific, lifestyle too terrific

    Hop in the van shop when we land

    Don't worry bout the pilot chattin' in the Chopper's my man

    I ain't only from Harlem, I'm from the Heartland

    When I got problems I send in a dark van

    Cats in the street treat me like a mob man

    Been number one so much, call me Mr. Chart Man


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