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請問"轉軸驅動, 行進波, 傾斜邊轉" 的英文翻譯? 20點

請問以下這段結論怎麼翻成英文比較恰當呢? 可以請達人幫我翻譯嗎? 不要用翻譯軟體 謝謝


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    At the dynamic simulation of three-phase

    symmetric thin-disc ultrasonic actuator, by using the finite element analysis

    software ANSYS to do the simulation analysis of vibration modes at the area

    near the shaft-driven point in the structure of the actuator stator, we could

    clearly know that there are three-phase alternative progressing waves near the

    shaft-driven point and the waves continue changing and forming a rotation

    driven-force surrounding the shaft-driven point to achieve the purpose to drive

    the shaft to rotate. And for the dynamic simulation about the screw position of

    the shaft-driven point, it shows that the screw position of the shaft-driven

    point is not totally fix, but has the property of periodical deflection along

    with the wave cycle.

    參考資料: myself
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    A :

    In the three-phase symmetry thin disc of ultrasonic actuator dynamic simulation, finite element analysis software ANSYS actuator structure in the hinge-driven point near the area of simulation of the vibration mode, clear that the hinge-driven point around do have produced three-phase alternating of traveling wave, and its continuous change, forming a surround the hinge-driven point of rotation as promoting its hinge rotation purposes. For the location of the hinge point screw driven by dynamic simulation, showing the hinge point of the screw driver is not fully secure location and is rendered as the wave period a periodic phenomenon inclined deflection.



    參考資料: Myself
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