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車子開了4小時,到達第一個目的地是旗津風車公園(CHI JING Windmill Park),導遊指定好集合時間後,我們就下車自由活動,高雄陽光明媚,天氣相當的好,到風車公園拍拍照,並買了一些東西來吃,這裡外地遊客較少,都是當地的全家人來這裡遊玩,感覺相當溫馨。

下一站到達夢時代(Dream Mall),夢時代購物中心是目前台灣最大的購物中心,座落高雄港邊,這裡有很多來自世界各地的遊客,在夢時代地下室吃中餐,人真的好多好擁擠,吃飽後又到5樓去逛39元均一價商店,那裡東西好多、而且又便宜,買完後,又到處逛逛鞋店、衣服,集合時間一到,又上車前往下一個目的地。

最後一個景點是英國領事館(Englend Consulship),英國領事館的設立於1858年,英法聯軍後,中國簽訂不平等條約,英國迫使台灣開放港口,因此為二級古蹟,頗有歷史意義的地方,因此也聚集了中國大陸、日本、韓國等遊客。要上這個領事館,必須先爬很多層階梯,才能到上面,上面有一望無際的風景,國立中山大學也在英國領事館的旁邊。


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    Hello! Good afternoon, I want to introduce the Chinese New Year with family fun things to Kaohsiung.

    Drove 4 hours to reach the first destination is the Cijin Windmill Park (CHI JING Windmill Park), a good collection of the specified time after the tour, we get off freely, Kaohsiung, sunny, weather very good, to the windmill park photo shoot and buy something to eat, where few foreign tourists, are the local people come here to play the whole family, feel very warm.

    Next arrival Dream (Dream Mall), Dream Mall is currently Taiwan's largest shopping center, located in Kaohsiung side, there are many tourists from around the world, eating Chinese food in the basement of a dream of the times, people do a lot of good crowded, eat then to 5th Floor, 39 per uniform price visit this shop, where many things, but cheap, buy finished, they wander around shoe, clothing, set the time comes, but also on the train to the next objective land.The final attraction is the British Consulate (Englend Consulship), the British consulate was established in 1858, British and French troops, China to sign unequal treaties, the United Kingdom to force open the port in Taiwan, so the two monuments, places of historical significance rather, it is also brought together China, Japan, Korea and other tourists. To be on the consulate, you must climb many stairs to the top, above a vast expanse of the landscape, National Sun Yat-sen is also next to the British Consulate.

    This makes me feel very happy to travel, in particular, I rarely travel to the south, where much of the change, Kaohsiung degree throughout the planning and clean very good, hope to have the opportunity again to play carefully here.

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