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贈20點 文章中翻英 (不要電腦翻譯機) 謝謝

當SARS瀰漫,我接到朋友的電話,她說吃綠豆可以防疫。她的聲音聽起來很匆忙,『我現在要出去買綠豆,還要幫我媽買一些,再晚就怕買不到了。妳要不要,我幫妳買。』 我想起前兩天去超市裡逛著,經過五股與豆類的區域,許多真空包裝的紅豆、綠豆、黃豆,每包都整齊的排列好。此刻,來自四面八方的主婦將衝進超市,直奔貨架,能拿幾包就拿幾包,全往購物籃裡丟。



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    When SARS diffuse, I received a friend's phone, she said that eat mung bean can quarantine. Her voice sounds in a hurry, I now want to go out and buy a green bean and my mom buy some, then late balks. Do you want to, I help you buy. I think the first two days to go shopping at the supermarket, after five stocks and beans, many vacuum packaging of red beans, green beans, soybeans, each package are neatly arranged. At the moment, from all sides of the housewife will burst into the supermarket, headed straight for the shelves, can take a few packages you may take a few packages, to shopping basket.

    ' Hello. I asked my friends: ' do you know the wool mung bean and what's the difference between the green bean? "by my friend self-assurance: '? do eat Mao mung bean comparison valid?" is not, of course not. Only the first two I in the outback of the supermarket, the first time saw wrapped ' wool ' mung bean, I stood there after reading the manual, it directions that its quality is better than to mung bean. I hesitated, and back to the summer will have many opportunities.

    They have a friend who told me, the network said a new-born baby, ' mung bean can cure SARS ' this class. But it can really be quickly resolved we fear for SARS? just like in boiled water, he then quickly melt

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