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尋找英文高手...幫我用英文翻譯此段謝謝! 請儘快給我回覆


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    Hunter A gift is a village of the fiercest hunters, the prey can not escape any of his quasi-hunting law of God. One day, A gift to the mountain as usual hunting, accidentally, was on the ground from the ridge down a small hill Pan. In order to prevent more hunters are Pan down, A grant to a small hill leveled enthusiastic. Ah dig dug, dug a sudden flash of hard things. He brought it home to see his wife, his wife exclaimed, thought it was diamonds, would perhaps give further up the mountain to dig Ah, going to be a rich man. The next day, A gift to give up his normal shotgun, took a large shovel, round them up the hill to the diamond dream, he dug in the mountains around East, West, dug into the ground dug pits everywhere. Suddenly, in the grass with a large black bear slowly closing in A gift, A gift instinct to pick up the shotgun in hand, but he forgot, he did not have shotgun. He had to go all out run, and finally fell into a hole he dug. He hid the hole, waited until dark to go big black bear, only die in the run home. He decided, or Anfen's when a hunter, no longer a dream for wealth.

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    Hunter A-Shi is the bravest one in his village and no prey can get away from his capture.

    One day, A-Shi did his daily work to hunt in the mountain, but not carefully, he stumbled by a mound. In order to protect other hunters from stumbling, A-Shi wanted to remove the mound. After digging, he found a hard stuff with sparkling. He took it home and showed to his wife, his wife screamed and thought it would be the diamond. She asked A-Shi to dig again, and prepared to be the rich man.

    Next day, A-Shi put away his hunting gun and took a shovel to the mountain. He dug everywhere and left so many holes on the ground. Suddenly, there was a big black bear approached him, A-Shi wanted to take out his hunting gun with his hand but he forgot he didn’t bring it. Only he could do was to ran, finally he fell into a hole he dug before. He hid there until the big black bear walked away. After running home, he made his mind to be a hunter and not to dream of becoming a rich man any more.

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