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剖該 發問時間: 娛樂與音樂音樂搖滾流行 · 1 0 年前

關於 Norther -Mirror Of Madness



真的是Mirror Of Madness嗎?

怎麼好像沒有很像呢= =


1 個解答

  • 騰雲
    Lv 7
    1 0 年前

    是 Norther - Mirror Of Madness 沒錯 ~~

    Norther - Mirror Of Madness 歌詞

    Norther - Mirror Of Madness 試聽 ( 播放器第 4 首 )

    2010-05-26 19:15:18 補充:


    影片中的歌曲的確是 Norther - Mirror Of Madness 沒錯

    對照下方的歌詞即可很清楚的確認 ~~


    Norther - Mirror Of Madness 歌詞

    I'm caught by the mirror

    It's like a nightmare

    I cannot get out

    I'm seeing that face again

    And it's making me mad

    My rage and hate is taking over

    When you look at me

    So I close my eyes

    And you scream to me

    Leave me alone

    You're not real to me

    This is the way it has to be

    This mirror is twisted

    And so are you

    Hey you, in the mirror

    Stop twisting my weak mind

    Mirror of madness

    Stop haunting me

    Hey you, before the mirror

    Your eyes keep telling you lies

    Mirror of madness

    Is making you insane

    F**k off my mind

    I told you to go

    But you don't believe

    So I'm forced to deceive

    There is no other way

    To end this day

    I believe you are real

    And you live in me

    But you have to die

    Step into the light

    Don't be shy

    You keep on telling me your lies

    "Kill yourself and it's allright"

    Don't want to die but I hope you do


    Hey you, in the mirror

    I'll smash your face to pieces

    Mirror of madness

    This dream is over

    No more, you no more

    Your face is gone, forever

    Mirror of madness

    Left me alone...

    Forever gone...


    當時的主唱 Petri Lindroos 目前已離開 Norther

    專心擔任 Ensiferum 的主唱兼吉他手


    參考資料: 見過 Petri Lindroos 本人的騰雲