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1. William saved my life at the___ losing his own. He was really admirable for his bravery.

(A)at the end of (B)at the risk of (C)at the mercy of (D)at the top of

2.Open the safety door ___ an emergency or ina dangerous situation that needs immediate action to deal with it.

(A)in case of (B)in spite of (c)in control of (d)in acouple of

3.Daniel ___ regularly to keep fit. He trains his body by phy sical exercise

(A)finds out (B)hangs out (C)figures out (D)work out

4.We ___ gas and were stranded in a desert. We faced a dilemma.

(A)ran into (B)ran over (C)ran out of (D)ran away with

5.Melissa felt helpless and hopeless bacause she just ___ her boyfriend.

(A)broke into (B)broke away with (C)broke up with (D)broke faith with

6.My brother loves this novel very much. He spends much time ___ this novel.

(A)rend (B)reading (C)to read (D)to reading

7.The recipe shows ____ .

(A)how the cake makes (B)how the cake was made (C)how was the cake made (D)how the cake made

8.There are estimated to be fewer than 10,000 tigers ___ in the wild around the wild around the world.

(A)existing (B)who exist (C)which existing (D)that exists

9.____all her housework,she sat down to loosen her muscles.

(A)Having done (B)Doing (C)To do (D)To be done.

10.You have made up your mind to study at this vocational school, ___ you?

(A)don't (B)do (C)have (D)haven't

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    1. B 冒險

    2. A 以防萬一

    3. D

    4. C 用完

    5. C 分手

    6, B spend 後面動詞要ing

    7. B 蛋糕要被做 用被動式

    8, A 分詞主動用法

    9. A

    10. D 附加問句 have 是完成式助動詞用法

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