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    Say you love me - written by Dwight Steward

    The ocean rises the

    waves now crash cross

    the seashore

    As the wind blows

    The earth, the moon,

    flowers bloom as the

    rain drops

    And the trees grow

    No mystery, I can calm the sea

    I can fill your soul

    Make you whole

    With open arms I am here

    for you, I´m the air you


    I´m everything


    Say you love me

    Tell me that you love me

    Say that I´m the one that

    you come running to

    To hold you through the rain

    Say you love me

    And there´s no one else above me

    Open up your heart to

    me I´ll always be

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    All you´ll ever need

    Say you love me

    [Verse 2]

    I´ll unlock the door to

    paradise just follow

    If you want to

    Take my hand and we’ll fly

    away let me show you

    That I love you

    The candles burn as your

    world is turning slowly

    Listen closely

    Be with me I am here for you forever

    And ever


    [Verse 3]

    I know you´re out there

    Chasing waterfalls (say you love me)

    But you can rise above

    And show me that you love


    Say you love me, say you love me

    I´m all you´ll ever need

    Just say you love me

    Say you love me, say you love me

    I can hear you breathe

    Just say you love me


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