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there___a boy and a girl

是 there was a boy and a girl,

還是 there were a boy and a girl?

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    以嚴謹的文法來說, 正確應是: There were a boy and a girl.

    不過, 更普遍的用法是當一系列項目出現在There後面, 用單數的is/was還是複數的are/were, 要以最靠近There的項目之單複數為準. 這麼一來, 就會說成:There was a boy and a girl.

    因此, 出這種題目在考試中是有爭議性的, 宜予避免, 因為考生答對或答錯, 全看命題者偏愛哪一種用法而定.


    A few rules from Collins Cobuild English Grammar Book:

    I. 結構中的名詞詞組是複數時, 動詞"be"也相應用複數形式

    (e.g.) There WERE two men in the room.

    II. 一系列事物的第一項是單數或是不具數名詞時, 用"be"的單數形式

    (e.g.) There WAS a sofa and two chairs.

    (e.g.) There IS grief in his face and reproach at the injustice of it all.

    [**Note:- 表示複數的數量詞, 如"a number of", "a lot of"和"a few of", 儘管前面有"a", 却要用"be"的複數形式 --- "There WERE a lot of people camping here."]

    III. 表示數目的詞語, 如"a hundred", "a thousand"和"a dozen", 儘管前面有"a", 也要用"be"的複數形式

    (e.g.) There WERE a dozen reasons why you had to upgrade your computer.

    More examples:-

    1) → There WERE 'no other' jobs available.

    2) → There AREN'T 'any' scratches on the table.

    3a) → When I opened the fridge there WAS only a bottle of milk, some eggs, and butter.

    3b) → When I opened the fridge there WERE only some eggs, a bottle of milk, and butter.


    ... Notice that with this use the verb generally agrees with the first part of the complement. So :

    There’s a letter and two messages for you is correct, as is There are two messages and a letter for you. But There are a letter and two messages … is incorrect.

    What about There’s two messages for you ? Grammatically of course this is illogical.

    參考資料: 深耕英文文法
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    There were a boy and a girl.

    因為 were 是 are 的過去式~


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    There were a boy and a girl.

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    there were a boy and a girl



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