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Steering gear (power-assisted) – maintenance

1.Regularly check the fluid level in the steering pump reservoir. Do this when the system is cold by unscrewing the cap with dipstick attached and reading off the fluid level.

2.Top up if necessary with specified fluid to bring the level within the marked area on the dipstick.

3.Periodically check the condition of the system hoses and renew if they are in anything but first class condition.

4.Keep the pump drivebelt correctly tensioned as described in Chapter 2.

Steering gear (power-assisted) – removal and refitting

1.Raise the front end of the vehicle and support securely on stands.

2.Disconnect the flexible hose and rigid pipe from the steering gear and allow the fluid to drain. Cap the pipes to prevent the entry of dirt.

3.Disconnect the tie-rod end balljoints from the steering arms on the stub axle carriers.

4.Refer to Section 14 and remove the steering shaft lower joint.

5.Release the fluid lines from their clips on the steering gear.

6.Unscrew the steering gear mounting bolts and withdraw the gear from under the front wheel arch.

7.Refitting is a reversal of removal, but on completion , check the front wheel alignment and fill and bleed the steering hydraulic system.

Steering gear – overhaul

1.Overhaul of either the manual or power steering gear is not recommended. It is far more satisfactory to obtain a new or factory reconditioned unit after the original unit has reached the end of its long service life.

2.Renewal of the bellows and tie-rod ends may certainly be undertaken as described in earlier Sections of this Chapter.

3.Should a quantity of grease be lost due to a split rack bellows then fresh grease may be introduced at the rack adjuster housing in the following way.

4.Release the locknut and unscrew the threaded adjuster plug.

5.Extract the coil spring and slipper.

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    舵機(電源輔助) -維修1.Regularly檢查液面在轉向泵水庫。這可以通過擰瓶蓋冷當系統連接和閱讀過的液位試紙。2.Top在有需要時,使液面在規定的標誌區的試紙。3.Periodically檢查情況的軟管和更新系統,如果他們是什麼,但一流的條件。4.Keep drivebelt泵的正確張所述的第2章轉向器(動力輔助) -拆除和改裝1.Raise車輛和支持前端看台上安全。2.Disconnect的軟管,硬管,讓液體排出舵機。防止污物進入上限的水管。3.Disconnect balljoints的拉桿月底的轉向臂軸的存根載體。4.Refer至第14條,並刪除轉向軸聯合低。5.Release從線條的流動他們剪輯的舵機。6.Unscrew舵機安裝螺栓和退出齒輪前輪拱下。7.Refitting是逆轉移走,但完成後,檢查填充和流血和轉向前輪對準液壓系統。舵機-無論是手動或電動助力轉向裝置檢修1.Overhaul不建議。這是目前較理想的工廠獲取一個新的或翻新的原單位後,單位已經結束了其使用壽命長。2.Renewal的波紋管及拉桿兩端固然可能進行如前所述,在這一章的第。應向申請人數量的油脂是失去了一個機架由於分裂波紋管新鮮油脂然後可以在機架中介紹了以下方式調節住房。4.Release的調節螺母,並擰螺紋插頭。5.Extract線圈彈簧和拖鞋。

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