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heat-trapping gas

什麼是heat-trapping gas

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    heat-trapping gas : 吸熱氣體1.Some 3,000 years

    later the same thing happened to methane, another heat-trapping gas.


    2.Two-thirds of the

    atmospheric buildup of carbon dioxide, a heat-trapping greenhouse gas that can

    persist in the air for centuries, has come in nearly equal proportions from the

    United States and Western European countries.

    美國和西歐國家排出了集聚在大氣中的2/3的二氧化碳,其排放量幾乎相等,二氧化碳是一種能滯 留熱量的溫室氣體,可在大氣中存留幾個世紀。

    3.Global warming

    results primarily from human activities that release heat-trapping gases and

    particles into the air. The most important causes include the burning of fossil

    fuels such as coal, gas, and oil, and deforestation.

    全球變暖主要是由人類活動引起的,人類活動會向空氣中釋放吸熱氣體和粒子。其中最重要的因素包 括像煤、天然氣和石油等化石燃料的使用和森林的砍伐。

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