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and Adolf Hitler 10

I stood at my, my point of power where I wanted

to stand to have the people stand up, to have the people stand up to

systems -to the demons, you know, to start taking their power -to start

using their voices and start taking action. Of course I wasnt able to

stand there and say: people, now its time to stop the demons, to stop

the systems, to stand up there inside you of your life force and live,

you know. So, I had to speak system language for a moment, ahm, to find a

loop around it in terms of having to find a way to set these human

beings free, this life force essence within them: there was beings

suppressed by these systems and the demons.

So, firstly, I wanted

to send a message, a message to these systems, these demons. Now, what I

had experienced as I was walking, you know, in the world, seeing these

demons and these mind systems inside human beings. God knows, you know,

you see a brain, a picture of a brain in anatomy pictures, uhm... in

neurology which you learn in science etc. but God knows, what I saw was

the brain of human beings far different to what they show in the

pictures. Of course you cant open a human beings mind, you *****ing see

the brain. But in terms of how it actually works and how the eye governs

the human beings as they move, walk, experience day by day, completely

different story.


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    lluminati 並且Adolf Hitler 10 我站立了在我,我要的我的问题的力量 站立有開始的人民站起來,让人民經受系統-給邪魔,您知道,開始採取他們的力量-到開始使用他們的聲音和采取行动。 當然我沒有能站立那裡和說: 人们,現在它的时刻停止邪魔,停下來系統,站起來那裡在您您的生活力量裡面和居住,您知道。 因此,我必須一會兒講系统语言, ahm,在它附近發現圈根據必須發現方式設置這些人自由,在他們之內的這生活力量精華: 有這些系統和邪魔壓制的生存。 因此,首先,我要寄发消息,消息到這些系統,這些邪魔。 现在,什麼我體驗了,當我走,您知道,在世界上,看見這些邪魔和這些介意在人裡面的系統。 上帝知道,您知道,您看見腦子,腦子, uhm的圖片在解剖學圖片的…在您在科學等學會,但是上帝知道的神經學方面,什麼我看見了是人腦子不同對什麼他們在圖片显示。 當然您偽善言辭打開人介意,您性交看見腦子。 但是根據它怎样實際上运作,並且眼睛怎样治理人,當他們移動,天天走,經驗,完全不同的故事。 對不起 ! 翻譯得不順

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  • go123
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    What kind of translation is this? ==> 您性交看見腦子。Please vote for #2.

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