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你好,不好意思又再度打擾您一下,關於上次你說仍然使用FL STUDIO,使我感到相當高興,因為我也是個使用這軟體的努力向上得玩家,也希望有朝一日能夠把我的作品也與你一起分享,互相交流指教!

而這次我想問得是,你使用的FL STUDIO是7、8、9哪個版本呢?


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  • Bobby
    Lv 5
    1 0 年前

    Hi, I remember last time you told me that you are still using FL STUDIO.

    I am also using it as well, hope one day I could share my works with you!

    Can you please tell me which edition you are using now? Is it 7.8 or 9?

    Thank you very much for replying me so many times!

    Best wishes

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  • 1 0 年前

    You are good, embarrassed once again disturbs you, about previous you said that still used FL STUDIO, makes me to feel quite happily, because I also am use this software to be diligently upward play the family, also hoped that some day can also together share mine work with you, exchanges mutually advises! But this I want to ask am, you use FL is STUDIO 7, 8, which edition 9? Finally also thanks you each time to spare no efforts to reply me, and wishes you to be able to be more successful!

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