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    1.Immediately hang ""operation instructions"" on the equipment.

    2.The test personnel requests a homework according to operation instructions process in the experiment."

    3.Follow-up ECN is signing jointly process and aim at stock treatment/cut over time when item sign jointly production control unit, the production control needs to carry on filling in and the Zhu show the dozen"V" how handle, the rear of the OK can hand over the text tube issue in the center.

    After 4. ECNs is certain, text tube have to and at that time publish parties concerned."

    5.Carry on valuation to the finally big torque of the lock nut machine.

    6.Ten thousand use frequency with the form seldom, the Zhu clear"pause usage" marks during the period of doing not use.

    7.Immediately check room to add a hygrometer in the school, and create "the form of the degree of humidity control" to confirm and record every day by the laboratory personnel.

    8.The chief of the quality control is nonsked to carry on auditor to have by ensuring implementation"

    9.The backing a piece carries on for related supplier to re- reply.

    10.After follow-up SCAR supplier replies, IQC needs to carry on the report that confirms whether its reason analysis and improvement measure replies effectively or not if reasonable otherwise back a piece to re- reply for manufacturer or not."

    11.The engineering lesson increases to invite an engineer to be exclusively responsible for packing diagram to draw and confirms and plan all follow-up products to need to have a homologous packing chart to post by definitely requesting each sticker at correspond of position.

    12.Each time criticize shipment product to all reserve shipment photograph for the purpose of follow-up take delivery of goods carry on checking, guarantee a packing to request to keep consistency."