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我目前在SUNY Buffalo就讀大學二年級,business major.剛接到USC, UW, UNC 和OSU的admission offers,但是不知道應該選擇哪一家比較好!

所以想請問有沒有人能幫我分析一下個家的優弊(尤其是UNC 和USC這兩間排名差不多的學校)For example, living enviroment, business program, job finding after graduation.......

Thanks a lot !!!!

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    UW I am assuming is the one in seattle

    USC : probably your best choice. Great living environment, decent biz school, it's competitive to get a job out of USC compared to other schools in industries such as investment banking but it's definitely doable. You are competiting against UCLA, Claremont, Stanford, and UCB for the west coast jobs.

    UW : great living environment but not ideal if you try to find any finance related job

    UNC : great school. A target school for most investment banks in the mid west area ( Chicago, Charlotte, etc). I don't know much about the living environment over there but I am sure USC is probably better is you are more of the party type.

    It really depends on what you want to do after graduation and what type of person you are.

    If you are more of marketing person and likes to party, then go to USC.

    Otherwise, UNC is a great school for finance but probably not so great for other things.

    -UCLA grad currently working in finance

    Let me know if you have any questions by adding me on msn. I should have the contact info in my profile

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    I will pick either USC or UW, both has good location and reputation. However, UO does not have tax, thats good also !

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    you'll like sunny California



    else USC's study service is very unique and nice to the students

    :P and of couse you pay alot for the tuition~