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Vitti estimates that he gets around 100 requests a week from “different snake oil salesmen “hoping to get him to try out their magic potion on{Lakers players}.But there was something about QR that managed to catch his attention. At the time, he was using another product that neither he nor the players were particularly crazy about because it stung and left dark stains on the skin.” I gave this a try, and I was really surprised,” says Vitti,”This one popped out because it was so different.

In fact,Vitti liked the product so much that he now has a part-time job selling QR to other trainers at the professional and college level. Goodman estimates that as many as 75 percent of the team in the National Hockey League and NBA use QR regularly.

Without “real missionaries” like Vitti,as well as several prominent doctors on the west coast of Florida,Biolife might not have had any sales at all. In 2002 the year QR was launched,Biolife had revenue of $150,000.In 2003,after convincing more health care providers to try QR,Biolife’s sales increased tenfold. The company began by training 16 pharmacists at CVS store in the Tampa Bay area, figuring that people often ask pharmacists for medical advice. But after an initial bump in sales, interest in the product, which costs between $5 and $10 a box and comes in four different packages designed for different uses, such as Nosebleed QR,quickly died down.

The company has experimented with its packaging in an attempt to not look like a typical medical product. On the Kids QR package, for example, Goodman’s eight-year-old son,Bakie,is seen riding his bike and kicking a soccer ball.Actually, all of QR’s boxes feature employees or investors. On a new package of Urgent QR,an extra-strength version of the product, Charlie Entenmanns(Biolife’s main financial backer),74 is shown rappelling down a mountain.

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    Vitti估計他從「希望不同的萬靈油的推銷員「得到大約100個請求每星期使他試驗他們的魔藥{湖人隊球員}。但是有某事關於设法受到他的注意的QR。 在,他沒有使用另一個產品他和時候球員是特别瘋狂的,因為它在皮膚蜇了並且留下黑暗的汙點」。 我給了這一次嘗試,並且我真正地驚奇了」,說Vitti」,這一個出去,因為它是很不同的。實際上, Vitti喜歡產品非常多他現在有一個半日工作賣QR到其他教練員在專家和大學階段。 Goodman估計多達隊的75%在全國曲棍球聯盟和NBA使用QR的通常。沒有「真正的傳教士」像Vitti,以及佛羅里達西海岸的幾位著名医生, Biolife也許沒有任何銷售。 在年QR被發射的2002, Biolife有$150,000.In收支2003年,在說服更多提供保健服物者嘗試QR,增加的Biolife的銷售十倍之後。 公司乘火车16位藥劑師在坦帕灣地區開始了在CVS商店,計算人們經常要求藥劑師醫囑。 但是在銷售的最初的爆沸以後,興趣在產品上,花費在$5和$10之間箱子並且進來為不同的使用設計的四個不同包裹,例如鼻出血QR,迅速平静了下來。公司試驗了它為看起來的包裝一個典型的醫療產品。 在孩子QR包裹,例如, Goodman的八歲的兒子, Bakie,被看見乘坐他的自行車和踢足球。實際上,所有QR的箱子以雇員或投資者為特色。 在迫切QR一個新的包裹,產品,查理Entenmanns (Biolife的主要財政靠山), 74的額外力量版本顯示坐式下降法在山下。

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    Vitti估計他從「希望不同的万灵油的推銷員「得到大约100個請求每星期使他試驗他們的魔药{湖人隊球员}。但是有某事關於设法受到他的注意的QR。 在,他沒有使用另一個產品他和時候球員是特别瘋狂的,因為它在皮膚蜇了並且留下黑暗的汙點」。 我給了這一次嘗試,並且我真正地驚奇了」,說Vitti」,這一個出去,因為它是很不同的。实际上, Vitti喜歡產品非常多他現在有一個半日工作賣QR到其他教練員在專家和大学阶段。 Goodman估計多达隊的75%在全國曲棍球联盟和NBA使用QR的通常。沒有「真正的傳教士」像Vitti,以及佛羅里達西海岸的幾位著名医生, Biolife也許沒有任何銷售。 在年QR被發射的2002, Biolife有$150,000.In收支2003年,在說服更多提供保健服务者嘗試QR,增加的Biolife的銷售十倍之後。 公司乘火车16位藥劑師在坦帕灣地区開始了在CVS商店,計算人们經常要求藥劑師医嘱。 但是在銷售的最初的爆沸以後,兴趣在產品上,花費在$5和$10之間箱子並且进來為不同的使用设计的四個不同包裹,例如鼻出血QR,迅速平静了下來。公司試驗了它為看起來的包裝一個典型的醫療產品。 在孩子QR包裹,例如, Goodman的八歲的兒子, Bakie,被看見乘坐他的自行車和踢足球。实际上,所有QR的箱子以雇員或投資者為特色。 在迫切QR一個新的包裹,產品,查理Entenmanns (Biolife的主要財政靠山), 74的額外力量版本顯示坐式下降法在山下。

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