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hh 發問時間: 教育與參考考試 · 1 0 年前

修改英文自傳 急!!!!!!!!!






I am xxx studying in xx high school. Being brought up in a ordinary family in

Taichung, I was lucky to live with my parents, a sister and a brother. While my

father is a businessman, my mother is a housewife whoes busy taking care of

three children which are all students. The most important thing that my parents

are always emphesizing is to cherish, to appericiate what we have.

I am the young man that one is optimistic to strive relentlessly, my doing never giving up is any, because I have been believing as long as necessarily wills have a good result hard.

I like to make friend, so I attended hot sound club and beverage of school to

make a club and not only hand over to many understanding good friends, but

also learn to much precious experience from winning me.

I like most since the childhood of the subject is English because I feel the

voice that reads English is very pretty and English scope widely has much of a


I like to listen to the song even like to listen to English song because canning learn to from winning a lot of new words can also practice own to say ability, in

addition I still like to read and painting, doing these is not only can on one's own relax from it get fun also is my interest.

xx University of Science and Technology is certainly a lot of

schools that the students long for day and night, of course, my mind the ideal

university, as the school's faculty and equipment cabinet is absolutely first

class, and then enter the university for four years, I hope I can make full use of

your school's faculty and equipment to achieve my dreams and ideals.

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    你好, 我們有在校稿, 英文每字約0.8-1.3, 有興趣可以加EMAIL

    參考資料: 譯的人
  • 匿名使用者
    1 0 年前

    lol 問題解決了嗎?


    但是 好像來不及了 :O


    自傳 要用 formal english

    這大部分都有點 infromal english