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求 這篇內容的中翻英...急

因為要用講英文的方式來表演魔術~ 希望各位大大能幫忙翻譯下面的話

不要是從翻譯軟體翻下來的 感恩嚕>"<









你會不會切牌? 這個動作你能不能在你的背後做~ 切一次 再切一次



你自己知道那是什麼牌嗎? 我也不可能知道,全世界沒有人知道 對吧?


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    Also arrived at the testimony miracle's time Today must use the thing is playing cards, today must demonstrate ability which all men long for even in dreams " Perspective technique " Actually a magician hammers after the elder 鍊, the look actually may look like X light to be the same Penetrates some not to be able the too thick thing, for example cotton material Therefore everybody with has not put on clothes in me is actually at present similar!! Let me explain how the matter is ㄧ a matter This is ㄧ the vice-ordinary playing cards, right? Can you cut the sign? This acts you to be able to make ~ in yours behind to cut one time cuts one time again Do you want to cut one time again? Now takes your entire vice-sign most above that sign, presses under yours buttocks You knew that what sign that is? I am impossible to know that the world nobody knows rightly? I had have said that the world impossible some people to know that was any sign, but I knew…

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    Also to witness the miracle of the moment

    Today, what is the use to playing cards, today demonstrates a capacity to dream of all men

    "Seeing patients"

    In fact, after many years of training a magician, the eyes can in fact be the same as X-ray

    Some will not penetrate the thick of things, such as fabric

    So you actually in front of me with no clothes is about the same!!

    Let me explain how things are going ㄧ

    This is Your Vice common cards, right?

    Do you cut cards? This action can you do in your back once again cut ~ cut once

    Nixiang do not want to cut again?

    Now your whole decks to take up the top card goes on, press the following in your ass

    You know what brand? I can not understand the world Nobody knows, right?

    I have said, the world no one would know what brand, but I know ...