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•1.上菜速度 2服務生態度 3.專業度





















恩…buttoms' up整體的服務我們還算滿意,只是在用餐過程中,










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  • bull
    Lv 5
    10 年前


    1.service speed 2 sServer’s manner 3.Specialty

    .female servers dressed in hot!And hyper-short pants

    .servers smile with amiability and have excellent communication with guests on the bar counter

    .World Cup Soccer schedules are offered in the shop for guests to take free of charge

    .Table tops prepared

    .Pay attention to the speed and finished time of guests and get tidy up the table on time

    .No self-motive addition of water

    Hereafter I would like to introduce you the service of this restaurant。

    They serve foods right on time smoothly,originally I’d like to order a T-bone pork steak that day,but the server told me in advance that it would take a longer time to wait for this recipe,it’s about 25 minutes,therefore I just ordered the same Humberger togeter with everybody。

    In the whole process of meal time,the server’s manner was pretty good,

    perhaps it’s because this was an american style restaurant;servivice manner there,

    was not like other restaurants in which they put on uniforms and

    offered more formalized or over rigid service。

    In this restaurant we could see that the servers smiled amiably,

    clad in very cool、easy dresses,they offered to the guests an easy and no pressure service manner;

    the servers on the side of bar counter also possesed very good skill to communicate with guests sitting in front of the bar。

    Not only this,all the servers here possessed very good foreign language ability and professional specialty

    to satisfy the guests’ needs,also,the servers possessed sharp senses,

    pay attention to the guests when they were having meal,get tidy up the table and offered other services。

    Umn....generally I’m satisfied about the serviceof Buttoms’ up, only while having meal, the server forgot to add water in my glass,that disapointed us,

    and decreased a little of their merits in estimate。


    參考資料: ccrE
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  • 10 年前

    Service •1. serving food speed 2 server manner 3. specialty

    •The service personnels put on very few ~~ spicy hot! Ultra short hot-pants

    •The server has smiling face smile to interact well kindly with the Taiwan visitor

    •Brings on oneself the world soccer game competition schedule table to the shop in for the visitor

    •Has sets the table

    •Has at the right moment notes the customer dining speed to tidy up the bowl plate

    •Does not have the driving watering

    2010-06-05 20:10:14 補充:

    Meets down comes by me for each introduction this dining room to serve.

    2010-06-05 20:10:36 補充:

    Their serving food speed time grasps very good, originally I that day main point Ding bone pork chop, but the server informs the time which this meal spot needs to wait for to be long beforehand, about 25 minutes, therefore I with an everybody sampling point Hamburg.

    2010-06-05 20:10:55 補充:

    In entire dines in the process, service person's manner also completely good, possibly is because of the American dining room relations;

    2010-06-05 20:11:52 補充:

    Outside here service mode, does not look like the general dining room to put on the service pattern uniform equally, provides the comparison standardization or the too cautious service.

    2010-06-05 20:12:09 補充:

    In this dining room we may see that the server is bringing the kind smiling face, by very cool, relaxed puts on is dressing up, provides to the visitor is quite relaxed the non-pressure the way service;

    2010-06-05 20:12:29 補充:

    In Taiwan that service person had the good public relations skill with to sit before Taiwan's visitor interaction. Not only that here service people have all had the good foreign language ability and specialized meet all visitor's need, in addition, the service person has the Gao Min sharpness,

    2010-06-05 20:13:11 補充:

    pays attention to the visitor to dine at times the situation, at the right moment tidies up the bowl plate or provides other services.

    2010-06-05 20:13:29 補充:

    Graciousness… buttoms' the up whole serves us also to calculate satisfaction, is only in dines in the process,

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