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    Audrey Hepburn become famous overnight with the film “Roman Holiday” in which fans saw a brilliant beautiful new star and movie critics appreciated her talent in acting. The film “″Roman Holiday” also made her get the best actress awards respectively from New York Film Critics Circle Awards and Oscar Academy Award in 1953. In the film Audrey Hepburn played a princess with her long hair cut short. At that time the short hair became a new fashion that women all over the world rushed to follow and was called ″ Hepburn cut″ accordingly.


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    1. 第三行 “″Roman Holiday”更正為 “Roman Holiday”

    2. 第七行 ″ Hepburn cut″更正為 “Hepburn cut”

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    " vacation of Rome " lets movie-bufves see a magnificent and beautiful new star; Let the movie critic appreciate the fragrance of the performing art wonderful work of a movie circles; Let hertz originally achieve instant fame, the best actress' award of association and the best actress of Oscar award that and obtain the movie critic in New York in 1953 because of this film; Meanwhile, because one hertz of hair scissors of a show in the film of that princess that originally play are short, making this kind of short hair fashionable for a time unexpectedly, women from all parts of the world fell over each other to imitate, then this kind of hairdo was known as " one hertz of heads " naturally.


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    大概是這樣!! 樣電腦番的

    The Roman holiday "let fans saw a bright new star of the beautiful; let the critics to appreciate a wonderful fragrance industry performing arts; let Hepburn became an overnight success, the film won the 1953 niuyueyingpingrenxiehui for best actress and Oscar for best actress at the same time, because the Hepburn Emperor the Princess in the film elephant hair cut short, this short hair that was all the rage, the world women are scrambling to emulate, so this kind of hair that naturally is referred to as" Hepburn head ".