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本專題以小組成員實景堪查之方式執行,藉由『CRAZY TALK』這套軟體設計並創造出該專題主軸『虛擬角色』,實際參考『CMOREMAP』地圖日記網,崁入地圖導覽系統。



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  • 1 0 年前

    Virtual team members to the topic worthy of investigation of the manner, CRAZY TALK 』by『 this software to design and create a virtual role in the feature axis 『』, 『CMOREMAP』 actual map diary reference network, embedded into the map navigation system.

    Sights set on the famous topic of Feng Chia Night Market, members of the group pictures and write all the actual important feature of snacks and attractions of the experience, and record the voice for the introduction of the attractions.

    By the user to point the mouse pointer on the map, will appear in your eyes is the Feng Chia Night Market features snacks and attractions graphic and detailed descriptions, virtual characters Tour commissioner at the same time also humorous tone for your explanation, map no longer just click on rigid, replaced by a sense of rich design and navigation page interesting roles impressive.

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